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Frequently asked questions for all things ballroom dance


I've been told I have two left feet, can you still teach me to dance?

You better believe it!  Our philosophy is DANCING IS FOR EVERYONE.  If you can walk, you can dance.  Dancing is fancy walking, albeit to get good it takes a little elbow grease, practice and finessing - but we can certainly help you with that!  Let's face it - nothing is worth having unless it's a little work and full of fun.  


I don't have a dance partner, can I still schedule a lesson, group class, or come to a party?

Of course!  We are the most welcoming and friendly studio in the Twin Cities and our ballroom does not require you to bring along a dance partner.  Our instructors will dance with you in a private dance lesson if you do not have a partner.  In group dance classes, we rotate dance partners allowing you maximum follow and lead opportunities for optimal learning.  Our social dance variety parties are one of the best ways to meet other members of the dance community that have goals much like you and are looking for other great people to dance with!


Would private lessons or group classes work better for me?  

There's no simple answer until we can chat with you a little more about your goals.  Some students want to dance socially around town, others want to dance like the stars in competitions, and some want to show off their flashy and fun moves at one of our four in-house ballroom dance showcases per year for family, friends, and fellow students.  It's really up to you and that's the beauty of our program.  When you schedule your FREE first lesson, we'll pair you up with an instructor that's perfect for your learning style.  From there, you can discuss private lessons, group classes, dance parties, showcases, and competitions and see what will best meet your dance goals. 


What do I wear to my lesson or class?

Unless you're a serious competitor in ballroom dance, leave your formal attire at home.  We certainly don't expect you to come with a stylist and a full formal dancewear wardrobe!  

CLOTHING: Dress up or dress down - it's completely up to you!  What we do know is that you should be comfortable in the clothing you choose so you move well and feel confident.  Keep in mind this is a social setting, so you may want to leave the jogging pants, leg warmers and headbands at home.  

SHOES: For the gents: Suede or leather soled shoes tend to do the trick best for the ballroom floor.  If that seems a little technical, usually a pair of dress shoes will do the trick.  You don't want your feet to grip the surface, you'll want to be able to glide a bit.  For the ladies: The same applies for you as the gents.  For beginners sometimes a flat shoe is a great starter.  As you progress or have experience move to a heel.  Keep in mind, you will be moving backwards and turning in these heels so keep the heel height lower to start.  Walking and dancing in heels are two completely different things.  

Above all, don't forget to wear your smile - this is a fun and down-to-earth environment geared toward the simple goal of teaching you how to dance and to share our passion with you!  If you should have any questions about attire or etiquette, your dance instructor will be happy to answer your questions.  


Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot - Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing - I'm confused, what are all of the ballroom styles and different dances?

Ballroom dance may have the widest variety of any of the dance genres, so we totally understand the confusion.  So we're going to break down the basics for you and give you a resource to learn a little about every dance there is.  

STYLES:  International Standard and American Smooth are near equivalents with both divisions comprised of dances that travel the whole dance floor. The difference lies in dancers not separating at all in International style and whereas American style allows for the dancers to separate and perform additional moves.  International Latin and American Rhythm are comprised of dances that do not travel primarily stay in the same spot on the floor.

DANCES:  Our good friends at have done a great job at breaking the different dances down for you - from Salsa to Swing, and Tango to Viennese Waltz, there's so much to explore! CLICK HERE to view them all!

In private lessons and group dance classes, our seasoned and knowledgeable instructors will give you the information on dance styles and names so it all makes sense.  We get it, you're not a walking database - the more you attend and practice the more you will recall and remember the information.  


I have an extremely busy schedule, how do I implement scheduling lessons and classes into my life?

We get it, the world moves at a breakneck speed these days!  We're flexible with our schedules and offer morning, afternoon, and evening private lessons.  Furthermore, we offer day and evening classes for your convenience.  Jump to our dance program by CLICKING HERE to learn more about the schedule or give us a call to schedule a private lesson.  


I've recently heard about the physical and mental health benefits of ballroom dance, can you elaborate?

Ballroom dance is a full-body workout that's incredibly fun and great for a sharp mind!  It's also good for your heart, it makes you stronger, aides in stamina, and it will help with balance and coordination. Recently the mental health benefits of ballroom dance have show to help with dementia  and Alzheimer's disease.   For every day purposes, ballroom dance helps with mental clarity, memory, and activating your brain in ways that you are not used to.   Ballroom dance includes many steps and patterns that stimulate the brain and requires you connect those with your body.  It's the ultimate whole body workout with a major mind-body connection.  


How long will it take me to get good at ballroom dance?

Ahh the age old question....Because everyone learns differently there's is not a scientific or universal answer to this.   Like anything, the more private dance lessons and group classes you attend, the better you will become in a shorter of amount of time.  Group classes are essential for steps, patterns, and musicality.  However, one-on-one private dance lessons will quickly accelerate your dance learning in a shorter amount of time - with an emphasis on technique.  The best way to see is by jumping on the dance floor and giving it a whirl - (or twirl in this case!) 


I still have some questions and prefer to ask some questions with a human being, how do I contact you?

Ooooh, we like your style!  We love talking about all things ballroom dance.   You can reach us via phone at 612-345-4219 to chat with us.  We're also available via email by CLICKING HERE.  Last but not least, we're open Monday - Friday : 10AM - 10PM and Saturday - Sunday : 10AM - 4PM - Drop on in and one of our helpful and friendly dance team members will be happy to help you!

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