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A DANCELIFE Ballroom Friday Variety Dance Party is the ultimate social setting for ballroom dance in the Twin Cities.   From absolute beginner to the advanced dancer, our ballroom welcomes all students in a down-to-earth and exciting setting.  With DJ Shinya at the helm, the night is packed full of the best music for every style of ballroom dance.  Our instructors are present to dance with you and guide you should you need a little help.  The ballroom dance floor transforms into an energetic and exciting environment with state of the art LED lighting, sound, and amazing people who share the love of dance. 

$10 Cover | Every Friday from 7PM - 9:30PM and dancers of every level are welcome!


Ballroom Dance Showcases

A DANCELIFE Ballroom is an unforgettable and incredibly entertaining evening showcasing our students and instructors.  The night is topped off with some top choreography and show numbers in the Twin Cities provided by our dance professionals.  Social dancing breaks are also provided throughout the night.  

Our next showcase will be our WINTER SHOWCASE For more information on tickets please get in touch with any questions or to reserve your tickets by CLICKING HERE!